About RBC

Ravine Bible College was started as a training center in 1992 by the Africa Inland Church
under the administration of Rev. and Mrs. Angus Chu missionaries from Africa Inland
Mission. Rev. Angus Chu became the first founding principal while Mrs. Carol Chu was the
college administrator.
The college began as Ravine Bible Training Center with a vision of training evangelists and
laymen and lay women to strengthen local churches in Ravine and entire Baringo Region.
The college has undergone various transitions. In 1996, a one year Certificate program for
evangelists was upgraded to a two year program with an emphasis on practical ministry. This
led to the introduction of a Diploma program in 1999 in order to better equip students for
pastoral ministry.
The name of the college was changed to Ravine Bible Institute (RBI) in 2004 and eventually
to Ravine Bible College (RBC) in 2008 so as to better reflect the level and standard of
education being offered as a full fledged accredited institution. Currently, apart from the
4 year Diploma in theology and practical ministry, the college also offers a 2 year certificate
program for laymen and lay women leaders.