Visiting RBC Students

RBC student Pastors serve God in various churches and as we visit them the only source of our directions are landmarks and people.On one of the visits we got lost and it turns out that people were heading to church.I got out and walked to a nearby home where I met an elderly man who became our help.But before he directed me he had to know who we were,where we came from, our clan and the purpose of our visit.This is common in most places we go.After the service the members didn’t want us to leave before we see the pastor’s house.We have seen many things,people love God with all their hearts and are willing to give what they have for God’s work.God is doing amazing work through RBC.He Has renewed our strengths as we serve Him.Through rivers,valleys,hills of Africa we see Him daily working on the hearts of many.Pray for us as we pray for you.